Please share the words from my heart with our beloved brethren of House of Israel in Namalapadu Village:

Today you have blessed a mother’s broken heart.  For the Lord has taken what the enemy meant as harm and evil unto our family and has now turned it in to JOY!!  Genesis 50:20.  He has given us Beauty for Ashes, and Joy for mourning.  Isaiah 61:3.  For a people so far away who have never met us yet has chosen to place our son Joshua at the highest place of honor in dedicating the House of Israel church to an unknown young man, from an unknown family, in an unknown country, because of the glory of our Great Unknown God!  Acts 17:23  Hallelujah his name is Great and Greatly to be PRAISED! 

During John's visit to the USA this year 2016 he received a generous contribution tagged specifically for sewing machines to start the new sewing center in Mucherla, India.

Christ Community Sewing Center

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Our Mission

            John Ebenezer - India

Goals to Reach

   House of Israel

As We Know It.......

The first time we saw John we were at a Morning Star Conference in Ft Mill, SC during the fall of 2004. John had a vendors’ booth with a small table, one folding chair and a few handouts describing his ministry in India.

If you would like to support this ministry you may do so by sending your checks to:

Love For His People

C/O Steve Martin

PO Box 414

Pineville, NC 28134

For a tax deductible receipt make your  checks out to "Love For His People (India)"  100% of all funds will go to Lighthouse Center in India.

Other types of donations such as PayPal, Western Union Wire etc. will not have a tax deductible receipt available.

Namalapadu Village is in the midst of

Bayyaram Village which consists of 90 Villages and 11 Panchayats .  On June 16, 2015, John along with 300+ others will be dedicating a new church building House of Israel, in Namalapadu Village. This building will be dedicated in memory of Joshua Overall (April 29, 1985 - June 16, 2006)

How India's 'Untouchables' Are Stirring a Spiritual Revolution

10:00AM EST 11/18/2015 J. Lee Grady

India's economy is growing, and its population may soon overtake China as the world's largest. But behind these trends is something much bigger: Christianity is growing faster than government leaders will admit, and the spiritual changes are reshaping a nation that has been identified with Hinduism for thousands of years.